Léo Darriet

Léo Darriet

Product Designer at Ilek 🌱⚡️ in Bordeaux, He/Him

I love to craft experiences that are straightforward but still create emotions.
I'm passionate about old cars, architecture and tech products that don't look like tech.

Product designer with a front-end dev background

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Ilek is an renewable energy provider, focused exclusively on solar power ☀️, wind power 💨 & hydroelectricity 💧. Ilek also provides biogas thanks to anaerobic digestion of organic waste.

2023 — 2023

Rflkt is a multi-purpose agency that helps companies move forward with their product, by helping them to select, design, and develop product features

2017 — 2022

Part of the product team with a strong focus on desktop platforms.

I mainly helped to provide the best experience to companies that are using Side by working on features for the company platform.
I also worked on internal platforms, and I did some POCs on the Temp worker app.

2016 — 2017
Paris, France

I worked on several projects (websites, platforms) for clients such as Cartier, Shiseido and L'Oréal



Improve customer's experience in Disney parks by providing an fast and easy-to-use app for maps and waiting times


Explore how micro-mobility can be integrated in a car-sharing app

Pass Culture Purchase Options at Pass Culture

Re-define purchase options of the Pass Culture app in order to make sure young people can access culture no matter their credit left on the app

Vendredi Onboarding at Vendredi

Rethink the collaborator's onboarding on vendredi's platform to help users make positive-impact actions


Panorama aims to provide a new way of exploring news by adding deepness to the subjects, and providing exploration and curiosity perks

Side Projects

Weather App


2022 — 2022
Paris, France

Intensive training in product design.

Projects taking in account the full scope of a product designer from User research to UI and interactions details

2016 — 2019
Paris, France

3 years of school & apprenticeship, focused on designing and developing quality websites, apps and experiences.

2014 — 2016
Bordeaux, France

2 years around design, web development and marketing, with some internships in the middle